Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you play any type of computer games?

whick kind

i love bejeweled 2

astro pop

and play some games @pogoDo you play any type of computer games?
I love computer games. They're so addicting!

I've played Bejeweled, but find it a bit boring. I like games with more personality. May I recommend an AWESOME game called "Tamale Loco"? If you have dialup, it might take a while to download, but it is WAY fun!Do you play any type of computer games?




pizza hot

found on and on cd roms

Purchased game but is corupt?

just brought bejeweled 2 from yahoo games has downloaded and my norton virus control has told me that the file contains a trojan and l would like to know what can be done as you've been credited 25$ from my bank accountPurchased game but is corupt?
Uninstall your anti virus and then install the game.After that install ur anti virus backPurchased game but is corupt?
its a nice game

I have java but it wont work?

bejeweled 2 wont come up i have all the system requirements i do not no what the problem is i used to play it all the timeI have java but it wont work?
What error do you get?

are you running bejeweled through from a browser online? or an application on your computer?

(If it's online you might want to try a different browser or make sure you have flash player installed, and also enable javascript.)

Flash player:

Try both Firefox and Internet explorer.

Are you using the right version of java?

To find out which version you have on a Windows machine do the following:


when the run pane comes up type "cmd" and hit enter.

When the command prompt comes up, type "java -version" and hit enter. the command prompt will display your current java version.

good Luck!

My ipod touch apps arent working!!!! please help me?

okkayy well my i bought bejeweled 2 and download AIM and they worked for a while and i plunged it in for once before.

The next time it plunged it in to my computer. the apps stop working.

They wont load and go back to the main screenMy ipod touch apps arent working!!!! please help me?
Oh , Of course :D

i have the same problem too, but idk how to solve mine this time,

My Old solutions were,

1. Adding another app

2. Restoring the ipod (it'll delete everything to factory state)

3. Or try updating your itunes (:

Freebie Internet games. Why am I hooked on them?

Anyone else out there but me hooked on the Yahoo games? My fav is Bricks of Egypt, but when that kicks my butt I go to Bookworm, or Alchemy or Bejeweled. Not to mention I have to do the daily jigsaw puzzle on which also has Sand of hell........ help me someone!! LOL Oh well.....i'm back to work in 2 weeks......that'll end my endless brick blasting a tad!Freebie Internet games. Why am I hooked on them?
But try Popcap (looks like Yahoo has some of their games...Alchemy, Bookworm, and Bejewelled - I like all 3 of those, too). I love free games like this - you can play them for awhile, and then walk away.

they鈥檙e the premier source for online games.

I also go to:鈥?/a> (4 second Fury - a series of 4 second, rapid-fire games) classic Arcade games of the 80s has some cool games, too.

The classic time waster: Lemmings!
Wow! This' my ****;-)Freebie Internet games. Why am I hooked on them?
I have read several articles about not developing dementia. All of them emphasize using your mind on puzzles or games. It is so much better than idly watching television or napping. I know what you mean though. I sometimes look up and a couple of hours have passed! I love Bejeweled also. Enjoy it. We'll be back in school soon.Freebie Internet games. Why am I hooked on them?
its probably you didnt get all the hot chics you wanted when you were small now it haunts you you are a lonely person and still dont get the chis you want... besides you are too poor for online poker
I think you are not the only one. I have been playing Y! poker from the past many time and it is very addicting. You just cannot miss a beat.
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  • This is for all u gamers?

    i got 2 games on my PC thats out of wack.1 is bookworm and the other is bejeweled.both of these games had worked b4 and then all of a sudden they stop working.bookworm takes 4ever 2 come up and bejeweled is too slow 2 play.i need some help ASAPThis is for all u gamers?
    mmmmmmmm........This is for all u gamers?
    Does this problem only happen with these games? You may need to defrag your hard drive to clear up some memory.This is for all u gamers?
    Maybe you had the trial versions of those games, and when it expired they limited what you could do on them?

    Both games are often played online as well. If something is slowing down your internet connection (like someone else on the same connection downloading a lot of stuff or a firewall blocking your connection) then that would mess things up.

    If you have a program running in the other games and downloads or music or something it may be slowing you down.

    My game displays a "fatal error"?

    My mom plays this game called Bejeweled 2 and it worked fine, Ive had it on my computer for a long time, All of the sudden when she tries to load it, it pulls up a "fatal error" that says "Unable to prepare game executable." Like I said it worked until today. Please help.My game displays a "fatal error"?
    The game cannot be executed, you could be missing a file which is causing the problem, you should try re-installing the game.My game displays a "fatal error"?
    You might need to reinstall the game.

    Or the most likely possibility...

    Malware.My game displays a "fatal error"?
    Hi, KT

    There are 3 step to repair bejeweled 2 fatal error

    If you got bejeweled 2 fatal error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair bejeweled 2 fatal error you need to follow the steps below:

    * Step 1 - Download a Perfect Optimizer,install this error repair tool.

    * Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you pc for Free.

    * Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair bejeweled 2 fatal error.

    Here are the url of Perfect Optimizer:鈥?/a>